Other Cemented Carbide Tool

With proper carbide grades and excellent innovated manufacturing technology, the Fujilloy’s products are superior in terms of longer tool life and higher product quality.

For metal forming industries, Fujilloy’s tools provide the required properties such as wear resistant, impact resistant, and corrosion resistant.

Fujilloy’s tools have high efficiency even though they are used in such a harsh environment.

This is why Fujilloy’s tools are selected by all manufacturing industries, ranging from pharmaceutical chemistry industries, such as polymer and medicinal products, to nonmetal forming industries, such as wood, glass, and ceramics.

【Tools for polymer’s mixing and extruding】
Barrel/ Disk/ Pelletizer/ Screen/ etc.

【Equipments for semiconductor】
Pot/ Plunger/ Heat plate/ etc.

【Others 】
Drawing dies/ Blanking dies/ Blending dies/ Cold forging and hot forging dies/ etc.