Dies and Plugs

Top Market Share and Reliability in Japan Supported by Long Tradition of
Top Class Technological Skills and Know-How

The system of a short delivery date is taken by the considerable experience and the technology.

Since its founding nearly half a century ago, FUJILLOY dies and plugs have continued to win the trust of its users as the fundamental products contributing to the growth of Fuji Die.

Today, they make up the top share of the world market.

Based on its extensive experience, Fuji Die continues to strive to develop products in response to diversifying market needs for various shapes such as special shape drawing dies, shaving dies, and hot extrusion dies.

Fuji Die’s colorful lineup of dies ranges from its top-selling cemented carbide products.

【Dies and Plugs】
Wire drawing dies/tube drawing dies and plugs/bar drawing dies

【Special Shape Drawing Dies/Shaving Dies/Hot Extrusion Dies】
Special shape drawing dies, shaving dies, and hot extrusion dies