Carbide Material

Whether standard parts or any shapes, there is no problem for Fujilloy.
Provide preformed-part manufacture using the cutting edge technology.


  • Using preformed-parts result in lower manufacturing cost and shorter lead time.
  • With ability to produce approximately 1,000,000 parts/year, this is a proof of the company’s capability and high technology.
  • There are lists of Fujilloy’s products from which the customers can choose to fit their needs.

Hard tap preform (threaded preform)

  • Able to combine processes, such as EDM threading, grinding, and bush assembly, in order to shorten working time.
  • There is no crack and chipping as a result of thermal defect from brazing or EDM threading, as well as no deformation.
  • Able to produce threading on carbide products that are used in both warm and hot work.
  • And be able to use in variety of applications.