About Fujilloy Cemented Carbide



Definition of Cemented Carbide

Cemented carbide is a general term for 9 sorts (W, Mo, Cr, Ti, Zr, Hf, V, Nb, or Ta) of carbides combined with Fe Group (Fe, Co, or Ni), and the most popular one is WC-Co alloy.

Superiority of Cemented Carbide

● Improve the detailed and precise level of tool dimensions.
● Improve the surface conditions of tools and it affects good outlook of the products.
● Improve wear-resistance of tools and reduce wear-dust mingled into the products.
● Improve machinery operation ration and minimize frequency maintenance through prolong tool
● Above all superiorities contribute the environment.

Characteristic Comparison of Tool Material Variety

Table 1 shows properties of various tool materials.

Cemented carbide of FUJILLOY possesses, in particular, high scores for Young’s modulus of elasticity and thermal conductivity compared with SKD, SKH and ceramics.

FUJILLOY cemented carbide shows the hardness & compressive strength covering properties form SKD11 to ceramics.

FUJILLOY cemented carbide, of which Young’s modulus of elasticity shows the highest score among tool materials, proves FUJILLOY the best selection for the plastic working tool material.

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