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Propose “The best wear-resistant Carbide tool” by Fujilloy to Thai market

Fujilloy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd was established the year 2003 by Fuji Die Co., Ltd. from Japan who held 100% share in response to the increased demand of Carbide tool with high wear-resistance in Thailand

Throughout the rapid development in technology or new innovation in Thailand, the high quality samples and tools are required in many industries. Fujilloy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd has been the product provider in Carbide tool with high resistance to wear since then.

Besides Carbide material products, Fujilloy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd also offers Ceramics material to meet the demands of their customers.

Fujilloy (Thailand) Co., Ltd. strongly believes in the same concept as Fujidie Japan . All the employees have strong will, together work diligently and delicately on their physical and mental to meet the customers’ satisfactions.

Nowadays, majority of the product by Fujilloy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd are tool (die and plug) for tube forming altogether include tool for forming circular cross-section parts. Nevertheless, since March of 2012, the company will move to a new manufacturing site in Amata Industrial Park and will be capable of manufacture tools for more sophisticated workpieces.


We call the Carbide tool with high resistance to wear “Tool for life”. Although the company has high quality material, good machine, and excellent employees, but the heart or the best high precision workpieces are produced mainly based on the best tool.

Fujilloy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd realizes the responsibility in producing high quality tool with technology which is beyond others in the world. The company hence greatly responses to the customer’s demand since then.

Since technology has been developing rapidly, high precision workpieces are increased in demand in every field. This results in increasing in high demand in Carbide tool with resistance to wear accordingly.

Based on the demands, the machine makers focus on developing better machine based on advanced technology in control, automation system, and low energy consumption.

Nevertheless, we all know that no matter how good the machine is, there is one significant factor that influences the success of the manufacturing process which is high precision tool. The tool is also considered a piece of art.

It is made based on “skills” which comes from “heart” that is dedicated during the making process.

Therefore, every employee in Fujilloy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd required to participate in discipline training and dedicate themselves in order to develop the best technology. Fujilloy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd as one of the well known company in Carbide tool with high wear-resistance produces work in response to all the trust from our customers. This is similar to “crystal” which originates from a beautifully blended between technology, excellent machine, and great skills which has been cumulated by every Fujilloy’s employee.
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