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“Human” quality leads to real service
Since the establishment of company in the year 1949, we all dedicate and are engrossed in developing Carbide tool including services and sales for customers around the country. We use the network service to serve and response to all our customers every time, everywhere, and everyway.

Throughout the past, we can assure that the technology and the quality of the products we made during the high precision process of making the Carbide tool are controlled mainly by “human” quality.

With this realization, Fujilloy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd believes that the important source of origin is human. The business considers human as center and always gives respect to human.

Besides that, according to the company’s objective which is incubating “happy human”, we create a family-like atmosphere for our employees. We promote learning environment in order for all our employees to develop themselves and at the same time feel happy in life. The employees will eventually be determined to be part of an ideal company, the light source in a corner of the society.


Stepping toward the future in supporting the society and industry. All the Carbide products by Fujilloy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd are made from the customers’ demands in technology. With incomparably high precision, the manufacture of parts for various industries, such as for high building, communication via fiber optic, novel structure, high speed train, computer parts, medical device, and tools and equipments in everyday usage, all are safe to use with better confidence.

Fujilloy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd has many different types of tool with high quality, high precision, and the most advanced. We are proud to be the biggest market holder in Japan in terms of tool with high resistance to wear. This includes the development of the high precision tools in submicron level. Those tools are for electronics parts, for can products, for hot rolls and cold rolls, and for industrial wastes reduction. All the above mentioned tools are used in many high precision manufacturing and required high confidence.

Besides that, in order to response to different demands from the customers, the company is determined to perform research and development in new technology and novel applications. For example: Inventing new material and new techniques for ceramics forming. Starting to sell the new grinding system called ELID which was considered the new grinding technology of the 21st century. Developing new lubricant (NF metal) which is environmentally friendly.
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